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County Antrim forms the north-east corner of Ireland, and a channel only 13 miles wide separates Torr Head from the Scottish coast. On the northern coast the Giant's Causeway is a celebrated natural wonder. It consists of a It consists of a ... more
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Youthful Pose in a Belfast alleyway, Co. Antrim

Part of the Trail System near The Giants ...

Flower Garden in Belfast, Co. Antrim

Strolling in Queen's Botanic Gardens in Belfast, ...

Boys Gathered Around an RUC officer with his ...

Children Playing in a Belfast Side Street, Co. ...

Queen's Botanic Gardens, Belfast, Co. Antrim

'Childsplay' in Belfast, Co. Antrim

A British Soldier Patrols a Street in Belfast, ...

Queen's Botanic Garden, Belfast, Co. Antrim

Queen's Botanic Gardens, Belfast, Co. Antrim

Stormont Parliament Building in Belfast - the ...

Queen's Botanic Gardens, Belfast, Co. Antrim

Stone Columns at the Giant's Causeway, Co. Antrim


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